News & Publications

My Presentation For Media On How To Read A Court Docket Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School (June 2023)

My Guest Post: When Whistleblowers Need Lawyers Retraction Watch (May 2023)

Whistleblower Lawyers of the Year Award Taxpayers Against Fraud (October 2022)

Biogen Inc. Agrees To Pay $900 Million To Settle Allegations Related To Improper Physician Payments (September 2022)

Partners Healthcare and Brigham & Women’s Hospital Agree To Pay $10 Million To Resolve Research Fraud Allegations (April 2017)

My AJLM Note: Supreme Court Reshapes The Landscape of False Claims Act Litigation American Journal of Law & Medicine (November 2016)

Science Reporting (Pre-2015)

Dark-Matter Experiment Comes Up Empty-Handed Nature (October 2013)

Symmetry Study Deemed A Fraud Nature (May 2013)

Agencies Urged To Check For Duplicate Grants Nature (January 2013)

Boston Scandal Exposes Backlog Nature (October 2012)

War of Words Over Tribal Tongue Nature (May 2012)

Proponent of Supersolid Helium Joins Skeptics  Nature (October 2012)

Misconduct Ruling Is Silent On Intent
Nature (September 2012)

Electro-Optic Dye Triggers Ethics Row Nature (September 2012)

Father of GPS Rapped for Conflict of Interest Nature (August 2012)

Misconduct Oversight at the Department of Energy: Investigation Closed Nature (August 2011). See also Reich v. U.S. Dep’t of Energy, 784 F. Supp.2d 15 (D. Mass. 2011).

Acrimony Over Nanoconstruction Nature (August 2011)

Whistleblower Claims His Accusations Cost Him His Job Nature (June 2011)

Dark Matter No-Show Confronts Supersymmetry Nature (April 2011)

Radio Antenna Decision Makes Waves Nature (February 2011)

Cancer Trial Errors Revealed Nature (January 2011)

Missing Part Delays Space Mission Nature (January 2011)

The Supersolid’s Nemesis Nature (December 2010)

G-Whizzes Disagree Over Gravity Nature (August 2010)

Former MIT Biologist Penalized For Falsifying Data Nature (February 2009)

Data Irregularities in the Work of MIT Professor New Scientist (October 2005). See also More Doubts Raised On Fired MIT Professor The Boston Globe (October 2005)(Marcella Bombardieri and Gareth Cook reporting on my investigation).

Bubble-Fusion Researcher Debarred From Federal Funding Nature (November 2009)

Silencing The Hype – Doubts Over The Bubble-Fusion Claims of Rusi Taleyarkhan Nature (March 2006)

Loopholes In DOE Oversight  Nature (December 2007)

Oak Ridge Researchers Admit Errors The Boston Globe (November 2006)

Doubts Over Stem Cell Images Prompt Inquiry New Scientist (August 2009)

Stem Cell Researcher Guilty of Falsifying Data New Scientist (October 2008)

Fresh Questions On Stem Cell Findings  New Scientist (March 2007). See also Panel Finds Flawed Data in a Major Stem Cell Report The New York Times (February 2007) (Nicholas Wade reporting on my investigation with Peter Aldhous).